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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 18, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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and stay with fox news channel for latest on the bombings investigation. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you go to gretawir and discuss this investigation. good night. >> sean: this is a fox news alert, an international manhunt underway now that the fbi has released videos and photos of two suspects in the boston terror bombings. the fbi is asking for help identifying these two men. suspect number one as seen on your screen was wearing a dark hat and a dark backpack. suspect number two was wearing a white backwards hat. authorities say that this suspect is seen on video setting down a backpack at the site of the second explosion. the fbi warns that these men may be armed and should be considered extremely dangerous. for the very latest we go live to boston where our very own mike toben is on the ground
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tonight. mike? >> you can assume these individuals haven't been in trouble before. you say that because for all of the facial recognition software, all of the databases, the mug shots, the fbi didn't come up with a lead. the fact they held this press conference means they had exhausted all of their evidence, turning to the public for new leads. as soon as they went public with these very clear images they got the leads. our affiliate, fox 25, coming up with the pictures of suspect number two with the white ball cap turned backwards as he is in the other images. what appears to be the backpack down by his feet. suspect number two is the individual the fbi believes that they have on video placing the bomb, the backpack, containing the bomb at that location, in front of the forum restaurant on boilston street. what the fbi is appealing to the
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public to do, particularly people in the area around 2:50 p.m., go back and look at the pictures they were taking, the video they took, see if he can spot the white ball cap, possibly a polo cap, or the black cap, a golf cap. they say somebody out there knows these individuals. they should be armed and dangerous. >> sean: the black hat, a bridgestone hat. during the press conference, i would think they would have given more details, like height and weight. >> earlier we heard from an fbi investigator, a description that suspect number two n the white ball cap, was very young. he said he believes that individual is caucasian. that seems to be consistent, when you get a closer examination, you may come up
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with some other kind of description. as far as physical descriptions, that's just about as far as it goes, sean. >> sean: what about the other suspect in the black hat? any other information on him? >> not a lot about him, other than the fact they do seem to be affiliated or associated with each other. that coming from the special agent in charge of the boston field office here, saying they appear to be working together. when you look at the video, the way they're walking, seems they're associated with each other. they know each other quite well. again, you've got the clarity of these images. they're just counting on the notion that somebody out there knows them. the risk, when you gowith image, particularly images this clear, is that your suspects will no longer hide in plain sight. they won't try to blend into the crowd anymore. they'll do something they weren't doing before. now, quite possibly that could work against the investigation if they go underground. quite possibly they could get up and move. that can help the investigators. >> sean: as clear as the images really are in many ways they're
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really not. you can't get the grasp that you really want. i've looked at it. one angle, a guy looks like he has a goatee. another angle i don't see it. i found it difficult just looking at those images. did you? >> a little bit. one of the things you can take some comfort in is the fact that iphone cameras, video cameras, are now ubiquitous. now that the images are out here, you'll be build to able a 3-d image of these individuals, a hologram, if you will. there's so many cameras out there. so many cameras shooting something like the finish of the marathon. you're going to have a lot of different images of these individuals, two guys who otherwise are absolutely unremarkable, now everyone's looking for them. you definitely will get more clarity as far as how they look and possibly some leads. >> sean: one distinguishing feature obviously is the hat. obviously the backpacks will help a lot in determining this. how did they go -- they mentioned in the process in the
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press conference they went from one suspect to two suspects. maybe this explains why there was the delay yesterday when they had two scheduled press conferences that were canceled. >> yeah. it's pretty interesting. they talked at times about one suspect. they talked at times about two suspects. today they made it very clear. also they stopped talking about persons of interest, people with whom they want to talk. they came right out and said they're suspects. they said the one individual placed the backpack. what you have to assume, though, there are more images that the fbi has, or that the joint terrorism task force has that we haven't seen them, showing them working in connection, that shows at least the one individual placing the bomb, and something that you can make a clear link between the two of then. >> sean: let's get back to the clarity as it relates to the restaurant where they believe the one suspect -- i believe it was number two, was seen on video setting down that backpack, asking for people at
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the forum restaurant. let's go into more detail. the suspect with the white hat, that he had the backpack, that he laid the backpack down in front of the restaurant, and i assume they have video of some kind with him not having the backpack, correct? >> right. we don't have those images at this point, but the fbi in fact told us yesterday that they have a clear image of that individual placing what they said was an object at the scene of the blast, and now we know it's the backpack. so that's more as far as what they want the public to think about, what they want the public to come forward with it. did you see someone almoster off witlumber offwith a backpack. it didn't appear that heavy. pressure cooker with explosives, it would be heavier. 25 pounds, it would be on both shoulders.
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>> sean: that's the interesting thing. nobody paid attention to the internet chatter, but images isolated of other people with backpacks that seemed to be a lot bigger and a lot heavier. i was a little bit surprised about that aspect as well. >> right. one of the things that they caution about, all those images you've seen to this point, of the different individuals with the backpacks, the different individuals who are identified by all of that internet chatter, some of have come forward, saying i was just a runner, don't pay attention. don't pay attention to all the internet clutter right now. it can clutter up the investigation, slow things down. not only for our own clarity trying to get our arms around what's happening, but muddy up the nvestigation. >> sean: i was talking in religions to the actual size of the backpack, weight, as you pointed out, 25 pounds would be very heavy. mike, thanks. appreciate it. we bring in former lapd detective mark fuhrman. mark, your initial impression with all of this? >> well, i was hoping for the
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best, which would be they had a good suspect lead, a possible surveillance going of possible suspects, and that's why we were waiting 48 hours for another press conference, but unfortunately at the press conference, for me, it's one of the worst fears, but it's a good lead. they've exhausted cellphone, they've exhausted any kind of imaging of the bio metric structure of the face. i didn't see a reward. to me that kind of indicates that they believe that this is an international connection that really doesn't -- or isn't affected by a cash reward for family associates or cosuspects. >> sean: yeah. mark, going back on all your police experience, and i've watched this over and over again, and they seem to be relaxed. they seem to be very casual.
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they seem to be very focused, if you will, on what they want to do. they didn't stand out. if i saw them walking by me, i don't think i would have noticed them. would you? >> well, you know, it's interesting you say that. the one suspect, number one, seems very serious. he seems more concerned with his identity. suspect two seems younger and more flippant or arrogant about his role. probably even proud. the interesting part in israel these are the kind of individuals in a crowd that they actually profile. it's call predictive profiling. they actually look at how they interact with each other, yet they're not walking with each other. that's what they're really looking for with suicide bombers or bombers that will place a device somewhere. so if you were looking for a threat, i think they would have stood out. >> sean: yeah. what about -- i thought -- i would have expected, because these are images, are they 5'6",
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6'0"? height, weight. they both seem relatively fit. were you surprised that the fbi -- i had assume that they have themselves determined such things, wouldn't you? >> well, i think they certainly can just from the surrounding people, objects that are inanimate, posts, mailboxes, buildings. i don't think they wanted to clutter the information. they had facial images they want people to try to key on now, concentrate on that. they didn't want to have to go through somebody with, you know, a medical description of height and weight and maybe -- maybe the same -- the same facial characteristics. i think there's another thing that's odd. they didn't go into nationalities or race very much. i don't think they wanted people to speculate, well, he's a caucasian, so he's not that, or he's from lebanon, he's not that person. i think they wanted to keep it
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very open. i think they wanted to keep it very general and have people concentrate on those faces and those faces only. >> sean: the one thing, as casual as they look, determined as they look, the one thing that i also got, they were on a mission, they were moving with purpose to obviously a location if in fact these are the guys. that's how i'd interpret it now, if in fact they're the people that did it. wouldn't that tell you if that level of planning went through to get to this point, that they would have had an escape plan? >> i think they absolutely had an escape plan. i suspect a third or fourth person was involved in this. they certainly aren't going to leave a vehicle to the chance that -- at an event like that, that it was impounded because it was improperly parked, parked in a zone too close to the race site, or that actually drew attention from a bomb dog. so i think there was a third person at the very least that was actually driving somewhere where there was a rally point
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and the suspects returned to that location. >> what with going public? there's a part of me that from the very beginning feared the worst case scenario, that we don't find the people responsible for this. by going to the people, does that mean they feel they'r theya dead-end? >> i'm not sure it's a dead-end, but right now the initial clues, they wanted to extend the possibilities to close with the suspects and surveil, take in more suspects, or possibly tactically take them in a safe way so nobody else is injured. of course they probably got bomb-making materials wherever they are or were. so they exhausted those. we see the tv show "48 hours." it's not untrue. you work nonstop for 48 hours on this one of these cases before people get their stories straight, they get transportation, they make contact or get too far away from
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the crime scene. >> sean: what about the timeline here? it appears they were there about an hour before the bomb actually took place. what does that tell you if anything? >> well, it tells me they might have either watched or surveilled themselves before they actually placed the bomb or got the bomb. the idea is that they actually made the bomb close to the location where they're actually going to place it. some of those homemade explosives are very sensitive to shock or temperature, movement. so certainly they wouldn't want it to be unstable. so perhaps they surveilled first, retrieved the bombs, then went back to the site. >> sean: i expected the backpacks, mark, to be bigger. if it's a 25-pound bomb. you know, that's why when images -- i'm not looking at the internet. i never took any of that seriously, except reople were taking images of backpacks and
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isolating them, but they didn't seem as heavy as i would expect. are you saying they could have placed it there ahead of in time of time? >> that's total speculation. i doubt that. pressure cookers don't come in one size or brand. i would make that observation. the second thing is, most pressure cookers have about 10 worth of explosives, and a black bag or black backpack will make everything appear smaller than it would in a colored or light-colored bag? >> sean: what about the dynamics, what they were trying to do? a bomb designed to inflict maximum damage with all the shrapnel they put in this. can you glean anything -- obviously we can't glean what
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their motivation is, but they wanted to hurt and kill people. >> you're correct. i think they wanted to hurt people in a way that's hard to understand, but they didn't want to have necessarily a high body count, but a high terror count, and they wanted to maim and terrorize people. i think to terrorists sometimes an injured or an amputated limb is sometimes more powerful than a dead body, because then we as a nation and as a community look at those people, hear those people, we hear their story, and it creates more terror, not more safety. >> sean: mark, stay with us. we'll be back with you later in the show tonight. we'll check back in. let me bring in now terrorism expert steve emerson and forensic video analyst grant fredericks. grant, i'll start with you. you've seen the video. what's your analysis? >> the video unfortunately that's been provided to the public, to the media, has been compressed, so it's been changed slightly by the police and by
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the fbi as a product of being uploaded to youtube. i think they'll provide better images in the days ahead. as far as video analysis goes, there's a wealth of information there. these guys are wearing very identifiable clothing. when they go to the scene, drop the bag, and leave, they're still wearing that clothing. they'll be tracked from that location to wherever they came from. they're going to get a lot of information. as mark said, if they get out of a vehicle, went to that scene, they'll be able to backtrack them to that vehicle. so that's the hunt right now, is to find out where they went and where they came from. perhaps who else they might have been with. >> sean: do you glean anything from the motion, from their movements, from -- is there anything there that stands out in your-minded? >> anybody who's thinking about the gait of their walk, whether they have a limp, is pure speculation. you can't determine that from
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the video. what the authorities are looking for is somebody simply to recognize the face. if you know those people, even though the video is not that great, you will recognize right them away. what they don't want is people to guess, they think they know who they are. they really want somebody who has run across them, perhaps in school, a college, somebody who knows them for sure who will call the police probably tonight. >> sean: steve, i want your initial reaction, then follow up on a story you brought up last night. what is your reaction to the video and photos released today? >> i'm still puzzled by the fact they didn't take any major effort to disguise themselves. they walked nonchalantly. they weren't concerned about being identified. the question is -- not really a question. the issue is how quickly will e public -- members of the public realize that these people -- that they know these people, they work for them, they work under them, they went to school with them. i think that's going to come quickly.
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i think what will happen is in the next few days they will identify them for sure by people who know them, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will catch them, because they're probably way out of boston by now. it doesn't also mean that they came from boston. they may have come from another city to begin with. so that's why they released it. it's really in an effort right now just to identify them. >> sean: last night we talked about the saudi national. you mentioned that he was going to be deported. this was the first person of interest. thian update to all of this, and that is immediately after we got off the air i have sources in washington that confirmed what you said. i also got a little bit more information, that that saudi national was scheduled for deportation, and apparently he had three -- what they describe to me -- b10s, meaning he's been involved with a terrorist or terror activity, three instances, and deportation was set for tuesday. there's been a lot of back and forth today, a lot of contradiction. any off and on oany update to t?
9:19 pm
i'm not saying he's a suspect. why all of a sudden a quick deportation if in fact it's true? >> well, what i reported last night, what you had confirmed, was that the person initially that was of interest, then they determined he was not of interest, i reported that there was a deportation order, because he violated u.s. national security, and the deportation was scheduled for next tuesday. head of security napolitano denied this morning in a hearing, saying there was no deportation considered, no idea what they were talking about. tonight i got access to an internal i.c.e. document proving the fact that his visa was revoked because of national security violations, he was scheduled for deportation next tuesday. now in the interim, since last night, i think there's an effort now to cover their tracks, not
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be embarrassed by the fact that they're deporting somebody who had violated u.s. national security. so maybe they now have decided to withhold the deportation. >> sean: i have multiple sources, high level, within our government, that told me the exact same thing, that this saudi national, they said now is a witness, not a suspect, but saying is to be deported tuesday, told the exact same thing, for national security reasons. i did see the video where janet napolitano denied enjoy, but yet it's been confirmed -- denied that, but yet it's been confirmed by multiple sources. >> members of congress have it right now, and they'll make the contents public. we don't know if he was connected to the bombing or not, but it's a strange coincidence for sure. >> sean: guys, thank you very much for being with us. appreciate your insight tonight. coming up, now that the fbi has released video and images of the suspects, what does it mean for this investigation? when we come back, we'll check in with our prosecutors.
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they're here to explain. later are these photos enough to find the identity of these suspects? we'll break it down as "hannity" continues. @
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. we now know what the two suspects in the boston marathon terror bombing look like. the fbi has released the video you're looking at along with the images of the two men that are seen on the screen side by side that law enforcement is now asking anyone in the public who may know these men to come forward with information. a tipline and email is set up on our screen. the fbi says these two men are considered armed and extremely dangerous. so as annternational manhunt is now underway, what could be going on behind the scenes? here with analysis two prosecutors. first of all, i don't like the fact that at this hour they're looking for the public's help. on the other hand, they might get it. >> i mean, i think none of us don't like the fact we don't have these two in custody. we don't know why, because we want to prevent any more catastrophes than we've already
9:26 pm
had with this incredible tragedy. a lot of us are playing a guessing game, because law enforcement doesn't want us to know any more than we have to so they can put the case together and figure out the why. however it does seem that the fact that they have put this out to us means they felt they needed to, because certainly they don't want to give us more, because they can do a better job when there aren't people playing detective on the outside, potentially getting involved, but they need the public's help. now that the pictures will be flooded hopefully wherever these two are can be flushed out. >> sean: andy, i don't know if it's clear enough. as much as i've looked these images since they came out, i don't know if i ran into them, maybe they didn't have a ball cap on, babe had some type of disguise, or sunglasses, if i would recognize them. >> if they were someone you knew, you would more than likely. that's what they're hoping for. another thing they're hoping for, you know, maybe somebody who was in the vicinity of them, saw them only a few days ago
9:27 pm
says, jeez, i think i saw that guy, maybe i have a picture that's better than that picture. the real tragedy is if you had the luxury of doing the investigation the way you would want to, you would quietly identify these guys by showing pictures to people who might have seen them. identify them, identify other players who they may have been associated with, and then drop the hammer when you thought you had everybody in your pocket. by putting this out that tells everybody -- >> sean: why do is not see in those backpacks something big enough that would hold the bomb as big what was described used here? >> well, we don't know for sure what was the second bomb. you have a lot of talk about the pressure cooker, but, you know, you go into a store, and pressure cookers can look a lot different depending on the brand and quarts they hold and --
9:28 pm
>> sean: i'm not a big pressure cooker. how big would they be? >> i know it when i see it, i but here you have -- look at where they did this. they chose to do this in a place there were thousands of people. you also have this flood of people and photographs and technology where there are images every which way. although hopefully it helps put together a better case, and find out who these two are, it makes it hard. >> sean: there's some motivation behind this, ideology, whatever it is. people on the left say it's got to be a right winger, you know, the rush to judgment, we can speculate all day long. to me there's got to be some motivation that you're going to walk carefully, drop a bomb, and walk away. right? >> terrorism is intimidation toward some purpose, toward some end. a good prosecutor, investigator,
9:29 pm
is not going to put any ideology off the table. there's no, you know, conservative -- >> sean: occupy wall street, left wing, right wing, religious radical, islamist. >> right. the purpose of today was not to prove the case. the purpose of today was to get images out there that might get the help of the public to identify these guys, and the hope is that by the time you identify them, which i hope will happen in short order, you'll also be able to catch them. you hope they're not in the breeze and we never see them again. >> once they catch them, then they can get to the work of putting the best case together, putting together the why and -- >> sean: they're confident the guy dropped the bag. we agree on that, right? >> they're not going to give us that much, one would hope, unless they really are pretty sure. >> they got to make surety public doesn't think they're arbitrarily putting pictures out. >> sean: thank you both. appreciate it. coming up, we'll go live to
9:30 pm
boston for an update for where things are standing now after these images have been released. mark fuhrman and rob wheeler will be back to explain what the fbi could be doing behind the scenes of the investigation and how the public's help in identifying the two suspects could be crucial. that and more as "hannity" continues. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. woman: everyone in the nicu --
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9:35 pm
along with the auditorium and dangerous, there was the caution don't approach these gentlemen, apprehend them, just give us a call if you know who they are. this video was just released a few hours ago is fairly clear. they believe someone will recognize these two gentlemen. they didn't go into further descriptions other than take a look at this video. one in a dark jacket, a dark hat. the other in a white hat. you can see the two walking single-file close to the finish line of the marathon. they didn't give any other description, didn't want to put anything in the minds of people looking at, other than take a look at this. you must recognize them. it's clear video, give us a call. we want to get these guys and question them. we have a monitor out here on the detroit, on boylston. when these pictures pop up,
9:36 pm
people walking by, this is a busy area. they stop and look. you walk by the bars and restaurants, the hotels here that are usually a lot of times on sport, they have the news up. these pictures are all over the place. people are gathering around, really, really taking a look at this, this on the same day there was an emotional and uplifting interfaith service this morning with president obama and the first lady. the area of the crime scene just down the street from where we're standing is shrinking. they're methodically shrinking and collapsing this crime scene. it was around 15 blocks around the two blast sites. it's now down to around blocks, collapsing in further. in fact one of the churches in that area actually got to open up this evening for the first time since the blasts on monday. an enormously busy news day here in boston. people here are certainly paying attention. >> sean: you're right, one of the things i was thinking about, as this was going on, the basic things they would normally give out. you're saying this was a conscious decision by the fbi,
9:37 pm
they don't want to put any ideas -- >> well, i think so. >> sean: -- height, weight, etc.? >> right. i just thought that was just telling to me, that they want to place -- possibly didn't want to place any other thoughts in the millions of people that are seeing this, just take a look at this. leave your mind open, because the images are fairly clear. you're probably going to recognize them if you see them, or may know someone who does know them, or see the video of other people standing around. >> sean: a little ambiguity there for me, but, craig, i want them to get as much help as they can. anyway, thank you so much for joining us tonight from boston, craig. appreciate it. coming up, an international manhunt is underway. two detectives will join us to two detectives will join us to talk about the images that ha you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident,
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. back with us now to help explain where the fbi goes from here, former lapd detective mark fuhrman and former d.c. detective, rod wheeler. rod, let's get you in, get your thoughts on the images, the video, the fbi presser today. >> well, obviously there's a lot going on here with this case. the main thing that kind of stands out to me, first of all, sean, is the fact that the fbi in the press conference today,
9:42 pm
they never asked these two individuals to turn themselves in. now, any street detective will tell you that in any kind of case, even a case like this one, one of the first things you want to do, if you have images of a suspect, you tell that suspect, even if it's via a press conference, look, we're going to find you, turn yourself in, let us work this situation out. okay, that didn't happen. the other thing is, suspect number two, the guy with the whitecap on, sean, his image is clear enough whereby we can take his image and run it through multiple databases. they've already done that. his picture has not been found. that guy, a young kid, a college student i think, i think he's still in the boston area, that i-95 corridor, because if he would caught a train, an airplane, specifically he would have stood out, sean. >> sean: why do you think he would have stood out? >> look at the hat, first of all. here how it works. maybe he wasn't wearing a hat, that's right, but look at his
9:43 pm
nose and ears. he has distinctive features, sean. with a snapshot, you put it in a database, put it through, and the database will come out with anybody that comes close to looking like that in the system. >> sean: what do you think, mark? explain that system more. >> it's a biometric system. they can do the same thing that fingerprints -- fingerprints, they have certain points. those points make a diagram. that diagram identifies the fingerprint. you know, it's usually 12 points or more. biometric is much the same thing. they have different programs in different countries, different systems, but it's pretty much the same thing. i agree with rod. they've gone to tsa, they've gone down through their video surveillance, through their system, gone through every known system we have in this country, every law enforcement system. they come up with nothing.
9:44 pm
the thing i fear, the more i look at this video, is that the -- the suspect two, he's so blatant and arrogant and blase about it -- >> sean: the kid in the white hat? >> yes. is that a wig? is that somehow an enhanced nose. is he really -- does he really not look that way? does he have some kind of makeup on? you know, you kind of wonder what is going on with that blatant, brazen display. >> you know what, mark, can i say this quickly? that's an excellent observation. i think with suspect number two, you know this very well, mark, i think he's young. he didn't cover up his face, try to disguise himself, because he's young, not a hard-core criminal, doesn't know how we investigate these things, so it never dawned on him to hide his face. >> sean: mark? >> i think that rod could be absolutely right. we don't know, and the fbi
9:45 pm
certainly doesn't know who these individuals are. when rod started his segment, he said something about nobody asked them to give up. nobody asked them to turn themselves in. he's correct. >> sean: right. >> there was no reward. i don't believe the fbi thinks they're homegrown terrorists. i think they're nationals from another country. they might be here. they might be down and hunkered down or might be long gone. >> sean: my fear is that they went through all this effort, planned all of this. there's no way they're not in hiding right now or out of here already. >> you know, sean, they may be in hiding, but, you know, sean -- trust me when i tell you, they watched that press conference today. both of those guys. i'm almost sure they did. that's fine. we know that's what suspects did. that's the time you got to drill in on those guys, make them an offer. just tell them, we know this was a mistake, turn yourself in, we'll work it out. >> sean: all right, guys. thank you so much for being with us. appreciate it. coming up next, our panel of experts are here to analyze this
9:46 pm
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>> >> sean: this is a fox news alert. we now know what the two suspects in the boston marathon terror bombing look like. the fbi has released the video that you're looking at along with the images, two of which are side by side on the screen. law enforcement is asking anyone in the public who may have knowledge of these men to come forward. here with reaction, a former no, detective. good to see you. >> you need a new york detective. now listen, we know something about lord & taylor. they have time lapse photography there, seen in the different segments there. i believe that was the pictures
9:51 pm
they picked up from the lord & taylor. now you have the exact time. you notice one thing, one of the photographs is a guy with the white hat, he was on his cellphone. you have a cell tower that pings everything. all those recordings, what those numbers are going to, are pinged off that cell tower. you can get a lot of information besides the physical appearance of them. they're now developing all the forensic information, all compiled together. >> sean: let me play devil's advocate. >> go ahead. >> sean: wouldn't the guy have someone else purchase a throw-away phone that the drug dealers use? >> okay, mr. devil. one thing, mr. devil, how many you get the number -- >> sean: maybe the number he's calling is to trigger that bomb. >> very possible. >> sean: brooke? >> look, i think it's extremely important that people that don't know anything about this, such as myself, don't explain on what happened, because it gives an unfair advantage to the terrorist.
9:52 pm
we're a very confused society. even our president cannot define terrorism. he said that an act of terror is anytime a bomb is used. really? that's not the legal definition of terrorism. >> sean: no. it drives me nuts that officially the major hassan case is still workplace violence. that's a load of crap. that was terrorism, islamic terrorism. >> the biggest victims are the families. >> terrorism is right there in the word itself. it's hurting civilians and getting a big impact nationwide. we see a national terrorist situation here. what i'm hoping for, by the way, with all this media exposure, maybe these two guys are really the culprits. maybe they won't get away. maybe it will be like "america's most wanted." >> sean: but maybe they'll put a disguise on. >> look at the teamwork we saw with the response for people that got wounded.
9:53 pm
the marathon was about an individual, but the teamwork is how everybody worked toshach the patients. >> i agree, but it's funny all the erroneous information that came out, first they got two of the bombs, one was detonated all that. that's the biggest problem. i don't think the fbi would have released this unless they have an actuality that guy putting something done, a crater and -- >> sean: i think they probably got the two guys, i trust that, but finding them is the issue. >> remember the battery used? it was one of those remote-controlled toy cars. >> sean: you got to hurry, mr. angel. >> excuse me. this is important. a certain type of person develops a bomb a certain way, and that could be possibly one of the leads also. >> sean: we got to take a quick break. the very latest, and our panel straight ahead. with the spark cash card from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business.
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9:57 pm
this is a fox news alert. huge developments as just hours ago the fbi released video and images of two suspects in the boston marathon terror bombings. they are appealing to you, the public, for help and id these two men. we continue with our panel. you wanted to say? >> i don't want to say anything. >> sean: fine. i'll go back to brooke. >> i'd like to say the people, this is a different game. game on. after 9/11, we worried about soft target. i did the security for the u.s. open out at bethpage park. they were friday of penn afraide station and -- >> sean: this could change america forever. this israel has been dealing with for many years. soft targets, maximum terror, it could happen in the heartland
9:58 pm
next. >> absolutely. we've been in a state of utter complacency. we're all very surprised this has happened. >> i'm not surprised. >> in fact, it's a miracle we haven't been attacked, number one. number two, we should take the opportunity to change how our administration is dealing with the counterterrorisminess. they've gone about to do everything they can to modify the way we identify terrorism, expose terrorism. >> sean: that's obama, though,. >> i want to talk about the basic disregard for life, the evil with building a bomb that maims people, low to the ground, losing legs, the worse thing in the world. whoever's out there that we're looking for -- >> sean: this is what our troops have been experiencing with these insidious ieds in afghanistan. >> in new york city, the world capital, and we get this person that wants to be the mayor, she wants to be the mayor real hard, and all of a sudden they stop to
9:59 pm
frisk, that's going stop police officers of grabbing someone's knapsack. people don't want you to stop -- >> sean: we were spending under bush $20 million to prevent check in ieds, and reduced to $11 million. >> cut in half. not only that, we have hezbollah and hamas airing their television stations in the united states, the muslim brotherhood advising the government about terrorism. >> sean: how stupid are we as a country? we're idiots. >> we need to be smarter than this. >> illegal guns are killing our kids on the streets, but they want you to stop the -- >> sean: they're going to ban pressure cookers. bbs, pellets. by the way, if you have a gun, i have one, seven bullets. >> i have one. >> sean: do you have seven
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